I have been asked by many of our readers, many who have extensive wine cellars, about tasting notes of older vintages. Having the opportunity to sample many older wines, I would like to introduce a new thread to our wine review section, Tasting the Classics. Every so often, I will post my review of things that I have recently sampled in hopes that you may also get a gauge on how these wines are evolving. With that in mind, I present our first classic review.

Like rays of sunshine illuminating a June bride at an outdoor wedding, this 100% Chardonnay is a stunner. This gem has aged gracefully without diluting any of its rich opulence. Smooth as silk flavors of peach and creme brulee, nutty caramel, with a steely mineral core that coats every tastebud. Paired with lobster tail, this was a feast for the senses. If you have or are able to obtain this or any other vintage French Chardonnay, you may be able to experience your own special vino bliss.

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