Tiffany Mimosa

COLD DUCK was created in Detroit

                               An exciting sparkling drink to make for the Holidays

Do you remember the Pontchartrain Wine Cellars? It was owned by Harold Borgman . He started the Restaurant and Bar in 1935 till 1991. He is credited for inventing the name “Cold Duck”  It was a classic place to eat and meet people after working hours in downtown Detroit. The bar was known for making great cocktails and serving excellent wine and champagne by the glass or bottle. Throughout the week bottles of champagne and wine were being opened and on occasion would go flat days later. Harold decided to mix the unfinished bottles of red wine into one and serve the red wine days later with open bottles of champagne to customers by the glass. The concoction became a immediate hit with regular customers. Borgmans drink was consisted with burgundy wine mixed with champagne a Old German recipe. There are several stories where its German origin  started. The best is a Barron  that invited his hunting friends over for a hunt and dinner. Just before dinner the Barron’s butler notified him they only had half the amount of champagne needed for dinner. To save embarrassment the Barron told the butler to mix the burgundy wine and champagne. The invited guest loved the new drink. The name given was “Kaltes Ende” meaning cold end of the unfinished bottles. The name was used at the Pontchartrain Wine Cellars, until customers began calling it Cold Duck. It was easier to say and Harold loved the new name. 

Serve in Champagne Flute 

3 oz’s Champagne
1 oz    Burgundy or Red Wine
It can be served room temperature or chilled.