Tiffany Mimosa


Michigan and  Detroit are known for our love of cars. We have more car collectors and enthusiast than any other state. After all we are the Motor City!  Many a gearheads may sip on a beer , but would much rather enjoy a glass of wine or in my case a glass of champagne especially if its a hot day. A nice glass of white or rose wine is prefect. Did you know there are a number of Gearheads and Race Drivers that own vineyards?
Lets start with a local friend that loves great wine and classic cars. Tom Celani.
Celani Family Vineyards, founded in 2005 by Tom and Vicky Celani. The winery focuses on estate vineyard fruit from Napa Valley. Some of their wines include. Tenacious Red, A Celani Family Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Their flagship and limited release is Ardore. Tom and the family love classic cars and even a good cigar.


Andretti Winery ( Napa California)
Legendary driver Mario Andretti owner.

Childress Vineyards ( North Carolina)
Richard Childress started his estate in the heart of NASCAR country.

Jeff Gordon Cellars ( California)
Known NASCAR driver opened a boutique winery.

Adore Road Winery ( California) 
This winery was started by race car driver and team owner Kevin Buckler. The bottles have auto themes. Like Redline and Shift as labels.

Podere Castorani ( Italy)
Formula One driver grew up in the family vineyards. Most of the million bottles produced, are sold around the world.

Coppola Winery ( California)
Francis Ford Coppola directed the movie Tucker. “The man and his Dream”. Coppola has the red ” car of tomorrow” from the film in the lobby of the vinyard.

There are other wine makers, vineyard owners that have a love for the good things in life and where you find the “good” their are always  cars!