Tiffany Mimosa

Questions for Winetime

While we are fast approaching our 2 year anniversary since the inception of our Winetime website, we sincerely hope that you enjoy our blogs, photo’s, trivia and wine reviews. We also receive a vast number of questions via email from our loyal followers. We answer each and every one of them personally yet we do not post them for our readers to also enjoy and maybe learn from.

The questions we receive cover a vast array of subjects, from price, vintages, varietals, decanting, glasses and so many other topics that we would like all our readers to share their questions with us so that we can do a special blog to answer them all and allow our fellow Winetimers to read as well.

Many times the questions start off….. “This may be a dumb question but…..”. Let us remind you, there’s are no dumb questions when one is looking for an answer or advice. Nobody in the entire wine world knows the answer to every single question but we try our best to steer you in the right direction or give you the best possible answer or solution to your inquiry.

So if you have a question, a story that you may want to share, anything that has to do with the subject of wine, we are standing by and ready to feature them on our homepage. We look forward to them and are ready to open our email bag to have some knowledgeable fun.


Dave & Dean