Tiffany Mimosa

Think Big !!! Part 2

Large FormatBottles that hold wine of biblical proportions are aptly titled because they are named after biblical kings. Here is a rundown on their names, sizes, how much they hold based on standard bottle amount and how many servings they contain.

SPLIT 187.5ml 1 ½ glasses

HALF BOTTLE 375ml 2 ½ glasses

STANDARD BOTTLE 750ml 5 glasses

LITER (European & Canadien) 1.0L 7 glasses

MAGNUM 1.5L 2 bottles 10 glasses

JEROBOAM 3.0L 4 bottles 20 glasses

REHOBOAM 4.5L 6 bottles 30 glasses

METHUSELAH 6.0L 8 bottles 40 glasses

SALMANAZAR 9.0L 12 bottles 60 glasses

BALTHAZAR 12.0L 16 bottles 80 glasses

NEBUCHADNEZZAR 15.0L 20 bottles 100 glasses

But the biggest masterpiece of a bottle was created by glass makers and certified by the Guinness Book of World Records at a ceremony held at Beringer Vineyards in Napa Valley. Named Maximus, the bottle stood 4 feet 5 inches tall, was 4 feet 5 inches round at its base and weighed in at 340 pounds. It was filled with 130 liters of 2001 Beringers Private Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, equivalent to 173 regular sized bottles able to serve 1,200 glasses of wine.

It was created to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Morton’s Steakhouse but was sold at auction on November 22, 2004 to a New Jersey Wine Shop for a whopping $56,000. Who wouldn’t want to be invited to the party when that behemoth is uncorked? There even was a special corkscrew made to be able to pop the top if and when the event ever comes to pass.

One of the main factors to consider about fine wine stored in large format bottles is that the aging process of the wine is substantially slower. For instance, a 3.0L bottle of Chateau Margaux will take quite a bit longer to fully mature than a standard 750ml bottle. Thus, they are able to be cellared for a longer period of time without fear of them getting too old before their gracefulness begins to deteriorate. Think of them as an investment in your wine drinking future.

No matter what the size, collector’s search high and low for their favorite brands in these various formats. They are a very sensible way to treat a larger than normal number of guests and quite a hit at any dinner party. Like a 20 pound lobster, a stretch limo, a 100 story skyscraper, or a nugget of gold, these Texas sized gems are always looked up to with respect not only for their sheer size but also for the sense of pageantry they garner when presented for all to enjoy.

Wines of significant quality definitely command a higher price tag but there are a number of very affordable bottles that fit into the value category. From magnums to a NEBUCHADNEZZAR, I’m sure that if you were to bring one of these bottles to a future gathering,  everyone will know that when you walk in that door, the party has officially started.