Tiffany Mimosa

Wine & Music

It is said that three of the most beautiful things on this God given Earth are wine, women and song. Each come in a variety of styles yet their strong points and weaknesses remain only a matter of one’s taste. Individually, they have multiple characteristics that have the ability to uniquely excite the senses. Each can be debated, analyzed and dissected until the cow’s come home but the fact remains that each are looked up to as a thing of beauty. In a round about way, I’ve decided to put them all together (adding men to the mix as well) for this month’s topic: Wine Music.                                                           

Being a musician myself, I wondered just how many songs had been written on the subject of wine. I began my research by looking for songs with the word “wine” in their title. I was amazed that when I began adding to the mix specific wine varietals, my list had nearly doubled. Singers, musicians and group names became synonymous with wine. A musician by the name of Rick Founds even dedicated an entire disk to songs with wine varietals in their title.                                            

Many of the songs listed below remain classics to this day. Others, although obscure, deserve their day in the sun. Just how many do you have in your musical collection? Many of these tunes can be found and downloaded from any number of online music services. My suggestion is to uncork one of your own liquid classics, relax and enjoy the pleasure of music dedicated entirely to our favorite beverage, Wine.                                                               


Evelyn “Champagne” King  

April Wine  

Virgos Merlot  

Alex James Muscat  

Iron & Wine  


Cab (Cabernet?) Calloway                                  


Strawberry Wine by The Dixie Chicks

Wine Red by The Hush

Dutty Wine by Tony Matterhorn

Mexican Wine by Fountains of Wayne

Wine by The Electric Flag

W-I-N-E by The Hollywood Flames

The Wine by Clare Fader

Bluebird Wine by Rodney Crowell

Sangria Wine by Jerry Jeff Walker

Lilac Wine by Nina Simone

Elderberry Wine by Elton John

Bottle of Wine by The Fireballs

Summer Wine by The Corrs

Yesterdays Wine by Merle Haggard

Women & Wine by Edge City Outlaws

Smoke & Wine by Hank Williams III

A Little More Wine by Savoy Brown

The Wino and I Know by Jimmy Buffett

Sip the Wine by Rick Danko

Bitter Wine by Bon Jovi

Two More Bottles of Wine by Emmylou Harris

Wine, Women an’ Song by Whitesnake

Wine Woogie by Marvin Phillips

Sweet Wine by Cream

Alligator Wine by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

God of Wine by Third Eye Blind

Blood Red Wine by The Rolling Stones

Red Red Wine by UB40

A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine by Paul Anka Harvest Wine by The Electric Flag

Sweet Cherry Wine by Tommy James

Cherry Red Wine by Johnny Lang

Honey and Wine by The Hollies

Sweet Was the Wine by The Marcels

Days of Wine & Roses by Henry Mancini

Honky Tonk Wine by Jerry Lee Lewis

Unhand That Wine by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee by Sticks McGhee

I Buy the Wine by Merle Haggard

Warm Red Wine by Bob Wills

Spill the Wine by Eric Burdon & War

Wine, Wine, Wine by Rick Shelton

Wine Song by The Youngbloods

Kisses Sweeter than Wine by The Weavers

Sip of Wine by Barclay James

Wine Stained Lips by Catch 22

Wine and Roses by John Fahey

Wine O’ Wine by West Side Wayne

Slow Wine by Tony Toni Tone

Lips of Wine by Andy Williams

Wine and Women by The Bee Gees

Wine Me Up by Faron Young

Red Wine & Whiskey by Katrina & The Waves

Little Ole Wine Drinking Me by Dean Martin

Wine Colored Rose by George Jones

Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine by Tom T. Hall

Wine Do Yer Stuff by Commander Cody

Red Wine by Woodie Guthrie

Wine Into Water by T. Graham Brown

Old Red Wine by The Who

From the Vines Came the Grapes by The Gaylords Drinking Champagne by George Strait

Champagne Supernova by Oasis

Champagne Jam by Atlanta Rhythm Section Champagne High by Sister Hazel

Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams by Sal Rainone Phat, Phat, Phat the Champagne by El Guardino Champagne, Cocaine and Strawberries by TAT Champagne and False Eyelashes by Sophie Garner Balloons and Champagne by Ephemera

Burgers and Champagne by Chuck McCabe Champagne Saturday by George McClure

Pink Champagne by Venus Hum

Champagne Time by Lawrence Welk

Champagne Air by Eric Lyman

Champagne Charlie by Leon Redbone

Teaspoon of Champagne by Champagne

Champagne and Reefer by Muddy Waters

Champagne from a Paper Cup by Death Cab for Cutie Champagne for My Real Friends by Fall Out Boy Champagne by Moe Jones

Shiraz by Bijan Mortazavi

Que Shiraz by Hey Mercedes

Bayati Shiraz by Habil Aliyev

I Remember Shiraz by Farzin Farhadi

Chianti Song by Andre Rieu

Chianti Love Song by The Lush Strings

Chianti Blues by Ben Street

Chianti Serenade by Louis Martinelli

Chianti Lied by Ralph Maria Siegel

Fields of Chianti by Timothy Joseph

Cepage Grenache by Die Gratenkinder

Meritage by Rick Larkins

Sangiovese by Fix the Human

Chardonnay by The Catfish Groove Farm

Bad Chardonnay by Graham Parker

Peach Chardonnay by Lamont Smooth

Strawberries and Chardonnay by Cyndi Fisher

Mama Getting High on Chardonnay by Blue Meanies Vino Tinto by Gilberto Santa Rosa

Vino Viejo by La Secta All Star

Kissing Cabernet by Kyle Fischer

Cabernet Sauvignon by Linda Strong

Candlelight and Cabernet by Earth Ambiance Cabernet by The Jons

Café Cabernet by David Williams

Crystal Cabernet by Nate Bernardini

Cabernet and She Loves Me by Pretty the Quick

Black Eyes, Cheap Merlot and Luckies by The Wayouts

Marilyn Merlot by Vena Amori

Blue Merlot in Tokyo by Haed Like a Kite

Mimi Merlot by OF Montreal

Pinot Noir by Sunset Blvd

Vino Vino by Eastenders

Pesce Vino by The Balboas

Chateau Lafite 59 Boogie by Foghat

Magnificent Merlot by Rick Founds

Gracious Grenache by Rick Founds

Benevolent Bordeaux by Rick Founds

Melodious Muscat by Rick Founds

Salubrious Shiraz by Rick Founds

Zestful Zinfandel by Rick Founds

Shimmering Chardonnay by Rick Founds