Tiffany Mimosa

How many grape varieties are permitted in the blending of the French Rhone wine Chateauneuf du Pape?

As of 2020, the lucky number is 18. They include red grapes CinsaultCounoiseGrenache NoirMourvèdreMuscardinPiquepoul NoirSyrahTerret Noir, and Vaccarèse (Brun Argenté). White and pink varieties include BourboulencClairette BlancheClairette RoseGrenache BlancGrenache GrisPicardanPiquepoul BlancPiquepoul Gris, and Roussanne.

In 1923, French regulators declared that 10 different varietals could be used in the making of Chatauneuf du Pape. That law was amended in 1936 to allow the use of 13 different grapes for its make up. In 2009, it was declared that 18 separate grapes could be used when the use of rose and a few new white varietals were allowed.