Tiffany Mimosa

Before harvest, fermentation and bottling……..

Well before grapes are picked and years before put into bottles, it’s the chemistry side of wine making that is most important to a classic vintage. I learned first hand at Scott Harvey and Jana Vineyard Wines that samples of grapes picked day in and day out before harvest were the most important steps in creating a great wine. Testing for Ph, acidity, balance, ripeness and the use of a refactor to measure sugar levels in the grapes are crucial in determining when to set out into the vineyard blocks and start picking. Be it single vineyard, single blocks or blending them all together is what the public never see’s in the process of wine making. Tasting, testing, record keeping, chart analysis and creative concept is the key to what will eventually excite your palate. Thank you for a lesson well learned and appreciated to this day into what goes into making a classic and satisfying bottle of wine.