Tiffany Mimosa


Here’s the secret on how to make your own Rose Champagne at home for the Holidays.

Rose Champagne has skyrocketed in popularity and a French Rose Champagne can be very expensive. That should not stop you and your friends from enjoying a French Rose Champagne. We will give you suggestions on how a rose champagne can be made at your home. To be openly honest, it will not be exactly the same as a rose made at one of the traditional champagne houses. However it could be close.
Go to your local retail wine shop and purchase a bottle of brut or extra dry French champagne. It does not have to be super expensive. A couple that come to mind.( Lanson, Duvay Leroy, Drappier, Nicolas Feuillatte) There are many others priced under $40.00 dollars. You can either blend a full bottle or blend by the glass. We suggest that you purchase a bottle of Bougogne wine or “Burgundy” from France. Because these are 100% pinot noir grapes and those are  the same grapes winemakers in the champagne houses use. Winemakers generally blend 10-15% of still red wine (pinot noir) into the sparkling champagne.  You can experiment with those percentages and use the desired pale pink or salmon color to be your judging point. ( For example 5oz glass of champagne would be blended with approx. 1/2 oz of red wine pinot noir) 
Now that you have had fun bleeding champagne and red wine. To custom your never own rose champagne. Treat your family and friends. 
Let us know the results.