Tiffany Mimosa

2015 Small Gully “Mr. Blacks Concoction” Shiraz/Viognier

Did you ever taste a wine and feel like you hit the lottery? When you consider the price you can pay for a great Syrah (or Shiraz as they call it in Australia) and compare it to this value beast, well, you now know the feeling. Loaded with bold and juicy blackberry, black cherry, black currant and blueberry fruit, the sensuous taste is only the beginning. Black licorice, chocolate and espresso notes layer across the powerful fruit while zesty pepper and spice fight for space across your palate. Throw in a rich meatiness and a touch of oak and you’ve got the perfect formula for a super satisfying concoction. Imported from Australia’s Barossa Valley, it consists of 96% Shiraz and is co-fermented with 4% Viognier, to which this wine sits in barrel for nearly 3 years before bottling, almost unheard of in winemaking practices. Even though the alcohol level is 15.9%, it is smooth as a baby’s behind and bold & beautiful as some of the best Syrah/Shiraz anywhere in the world.