Tiffany Mimosa

Champagne Lallier R.014

ChampagneWhat a better way to start off 2020 with a bang, or should I say a pop, than with a bottle of Champagne Lallier R.014 Brut. Fresh, soft, elegant and refreshingly appealing. Lovers of French Champagne and sparkling wines will understand, but for those who are hesitant to try them or have yet to appreciate them, let me explain my reasoning. On average, most people have Champagne or Sparkling Wines only a few times a year, probably to ring in the New Year, at a wedding or maybe a special occasion. When they do, they often nurse it with a few sips here and there, yet without fully enjoying the experience. The reason may be because most dry Champagnes are quite bready and yeasty. Their palate is not familiar or accustomed to these characteristics, leaving what can be described as a sour taste in their mouth. Yet, Champagne of this caliber and well being may change ones perception. Golden in color, with delicate fresh apple, citrus, jasmine flower, honeysuckle, peach, pear, lemon, toasted brioche and hazelnut flavors that lay softly on the palate. The creamy bubbles and balanced acidity sit in harmony and cause no ill effects to ones liking. A blend of 44% Chardonnay and 56% Pinot Noir, it is not only a great way to start an evening but also the perfect complement to a meal of fish, chicken or shell fish. Crisp without being offensive, I hope Champagne Lallier may now find a new home in your cellar for everyday celebrating and enjoyment.