Tiffany Mimosa


The first cruise on Woodward was the beginning of “Cruisin” in the U.S.A. 

When did the first cruise take place on Woodward..

More than likely it originated on a long Thursday through Sunday weekend. Maybe the origins can be found on a fine Friday or Saturday night. Possibly as far back as in the 1800’s when clopping of horse hooves stomping on the road occurred. Or a casual stroll in a horse-drawn carriage was common. 

But the real “Cruisin Woodward” as we know it. Started in the 1950’s and 1960’s when friends would go out for a drive and wanted to be seen cruisin in a convertible or a super hot car. It eventually drew hundreds of cars to street race up and down Woodward. Green lights were a recipe to start a race between two or more hot cars lined up at the light and burning tires were just as cool. Each weekend for years to come brought more and more people and cars. 

In 1994, Mr. Nelson House a resident of Ferndale saw a need for a children’s soccer field. He dreamed up the cruise to help raise money for the field. Organizers expected 30,000 people and cars to attend the inaugural cruise. The word spread throughout the metro Detroit area. When over 250,000 showed up with their classic cars. It was obvious that the event was an amazing success. The soccer field was built and the start of a annual tradition became. Today the annual event is called the Woodward Dream Cruise. It includes  nine communities reaching from Ferndale to Pontiac. The event is open to everyone and attracts over one million people each year and thousands of classic cars. 

May the event and classic cars go on for ever!