Tiffany Mimosa

Welcome to WineTime!

We would like to initiate a special wine welcome to everyone for taking the time to join us on our new venture: “Winetime”.

This website will consist of all things wine, from blog articles, reviews, photo’s from around the world, some fun trivia, plus news and special features dealing with our favorite libation.

With our many years of experience in the wine industry, our objective for creating this forum is to educate and be an information source to our followers, whether you may be a wine novice or an expert in the field. We hope that we may be able to help everyone from sales staff to independent shop owners, from restaurant wait staff to the proprietors themselves.

Based out of Metro Detroit in the great State of Michigan, one of our initial goals is to help promote the numerous small market wineries within our region, plus the independent wine shops and quality restaurants who focus on offering quality products and service to their cliental. Though our area may not be as wine cultured as cities like San Francisco, New York or Chicago, over time and with our assistance, we may be able to help add your establishment to that list.

Aside from our own writings and commentaries, we will also be offering to you guest columnists, from winery owners, winemakers, vineyard owners and various other wine professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with our readers. We would be the first to admit that we (and probably nobody else on the planet) knows everything there is to know about the full spectrum of the world of wine. With ever changing trends, cultures, new wines, new vintages, undiscovered varietals, we hope that our guidance will bring to you the information needed so that you may be able to not only enjoy your next bottle of wine, but know more about what is in the bottle, how and where it was made, what characteristics it may show, all to experience your wine to its full potential.

Any questions or comments are always welcome. Until then, we hope that you enjoy our forum and share with other grape minds.