Tiffany Mimosa

1943 Chateau d’ Yquem….Unbelievable!

In the cellar for 80 years and during world war II. 

First lets agree that Chateau d’ Yquem is by far the very best sauternes on the plant. Every aficionado knows that. Because of its consistent  quality for centuries and its Premier Cru Superior status. We were the very few that  was about to taste a 1943 vintage. Our close friend brought over to the house from his grandfathers cellar. A bottle of 1943 Chateau d’ Yquem. Like OMG,  are you kidding me! First off a bottle that is 80 years in the cellar. Could it be drinkable and would we have to consume the wine quickly once opened. In theory the wine could hold up. Well…we opened the bottle decanted very quick and then put it to the test. First we noticed the wine had darken to a blackish dark ruby color. Once poured in the glass the color looked like a dark orange and deep amber. Instead of the younger golden yellow. The nose blow up with heavy raisins, caramel and marmalade. On my palate a burnt molasses, raisin, burnt toasted sugar and hints of butterscotch. The flavor came out strong at the beginning, then begin to subside. A very noticeable medium- sweet body and acidity increasing on the finish. I was shocked that a wine could hold up for this many years. Yes, there was a little finesse that may have been lost. But lets remember that 1943 was during World War II and all of Europe was going through hell.  This wine is in a league of its own. We were so excited and privileged to have our friend share this once in a life time experience. 
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Till the next time…Cheers!