Tiffany Mimosa

1928 Ayala Champagne

It was a few years ago, a good customer brought in to our store his prized double magnum of vintage Champagne. He often wondered how a great old sparkling would taste and asked for our help on how to open and pour the bubbly. The cork itself was fused to the neck of the bottle, not wanting to expose the nectar to our palates. With my handy drill in place, I bored through the stopper and we tipped the bottle just enough to fill 3 glasses. Dark in color, not a fizz bubble to be found, all we needed to do was sip and savor. Unfortunately, as we lifted the glasses, the funky aroma of a dead lobster let us know immediately that the old saying: “Wine gets better with age” was but a mythical old wives tale. As we poured the remaining contents down the drain, our friend left with nothing but a cool old bottle and a vintage tale to tell.