Tiffany Mimosa

2014 Frick Cinsaut

FrickI am always on the hunt for something new and different to tease my taste buds. The typical varietals are everywhere among us, I am in search for something rare and unusual. I had enjoyed this wine years ago but only recently had the opportunity to experience it once again, and boy, am I ever glad I did. This French Rhone varietal, known as Cinsault, also is half the makeup (along with Pinot Noir) of the popular South African wine Pinotage. Yet it is very rare for it to be seen, grown or used by winemakers here in the US. This Sonoma powerhouse is multi-layered from start to finish. Plum, cherry, black raspberry fruit get things rolling, with black olives, black licorice, cinnamon, raisons, and tons of spice added to the mix. But it seems that every 10 minutes or so, things start to change and a whole new mix of fruit and spice come alive. The aromatics come into to play as well, finishing with lush dry tingly tannins. Still a baby with years left for it to mature, it requires time and patience to fully appreciate.  It may be tough to find but you will certainly enjoy the thrill of the hunt, guaranteed.