Tiffany Mimosa

2016 Canard Wines

2016 Canard “Throwback” Red Blend

Deep dark fruit comprised of mainly Cabernet Sauvignon with small amounts of Merlot and Cabernet Franc, this small batch red blend shows plum, black cherry and black raspberry fruit with polished vanilla, dark chocolate and black licorice notes that tantalize the palate. With hints of sage and firm gritty tannins, this Cabernet forward blend with a dense body and an alcohol ABV that registers 14.7%, finishes long and strong.


2016 Canard “Adams” Red Blend

Rich and elegant from the onset of its huge floral and tobacco bouquet, the deep cherry, raspberry and pomegranate fruit combined with plush violet and rose petal marry well within its deep crimson color. The Cabernet Franc shines brightly through its creamy texture, highlighting its bright acidity and huge tannins. With its velvety finish that displays its seductive French Oak ripeness, this food friendly gem hits the ball out of the park with each sip.


2016 Canard Zinfandel Reserve

Not your typical high octane Zinfandel, this silky red displays softness through and through. Distinctive cherry fruit with subtle spice and Pekoe tea notes give way to hints of raison and white pepper. Though its 14.9% alcohol never interrupts its pleasant food friendliness in any manner, its limited production may be its only fault.


2016 Canard Cabernet Sauvignon

Swirling this youthful deep crimson red in the glass, I haven’t seen legs this long since Joey Heatherton. Loads of luscious cherry, raspberry, blackberry and cassis fruit meld well with the vanilla and espresso flavors. Though the fruit may seem light on the palate, it definitely registers full flavor profiles. Sleek and juicy, its plush finish and soft tannins make this very limited production a cellar worthy investment.