Tiffany Mimosa

2017 Travaglini Gattinara

It’s always a treat when you see an old friend you used to pal around with quite often many moons ago. Good times were had, many great memories shared. Then somehow, you drifted apart, not to see each other for many years. This wine was a usual suspect in my cellar, then one day, my palate and sudden price hike soured our kinship. Then one day, that old friend returns and its happy days are here again. That can be said about this great red from the Piedmont region of Italy. Made from the glorious Nebbiolo grape, flavors of raspberry, cherry, pomegranate, blackberry and plum fruit seduce the senses while black licorice and exotic spice dazzle the back palate. A long silky finish leaves one yearning for the next sip. Aged nearly 3 years in Slavonian casks of various sizes, this wine is a steal compared to other high priced gems from the same region. Make a new friend, treat yourself to this wonderful Italian bottling. Welcome back old pal, you have been surely missed.