Tiffany Mimosa

NV Malamatina Retsina

MalWhen it comes to wines from Greece, they certainly do not garner the respect as their more popular European wine producing neighbors. Yet, die hard oenophiles will agree that there are many quality selections to be had, if only you can find them. You’d be hard pressed to find anything at your favorite shopping venture, no less at any fine wine establishment. You are more likely to experience them at your local Greek Taverna. But with determination comes reward. The Malamatina Retsina is one of the finest examples of this dry white, famous for its unique Pine resin flavor added during fermentation. Made from the grape varietals Savatiano and Roditis, its yellow-greenish color features sour apple, dried peach, grapefruit and lemon fruit that add dimension to its somewhat oily character. With a very low 11% alcohol content, I recommend this as a companion to food rather than sipping it on its own. Retsina has been produced for over 2000 years in ancient Greece and still remains one of its most popular quaffs. I have now sampled the Malamatina brand on 4 continents around the world and have enjoyed it with a fabulous Grecian meal each and every time. Produced in 500ml bottles (half liter), it may not rate up there with the finest Chardonnay’s or Viognier’s of the world, but if you are adventurous, for $5.00 or less, it is truly a unique experience.