Tiffany Mimosa

2018 Couly – Dutheil “Les Chanteaux” Chinon White

When most people see a wine labeled Chenin Blanc, they think first and foremost sweet, box wine and cheap. True lovers of the grape know that the best versions are dry, elegant, racy  and seductive. This Chinon white from the Loire Valley of France, made from 100% Chenin Blanc, falls in the category of the later. Dry yet fruity, it boats a fresh orange peel flagrancy on the nose. Exotic citrus and tropical fruit are pure and clean right from the opening sip, with baked apple and grilled pineapple leading the charge. A layer of black licorice, ginger root and a lively floral notes give way to light acidity and a velvety finish. At 14.5%, I thought the alcohol content might have been a bit overpowering yet the beauty of this wine showed clean and lively from start to finish. It was a perfect match for our Vietnamese cuisine and even more so with our dessert of fresh fruit and chocolate. Pure magic in a glass that is sure to seduce the senses.