Tiffany Mimosa

2019 Verterra Rose of Pinot Noir

With the heat of Summer behind us and the crisp air of Autumn upon us, many wine lovers believe it’s time to put away the white and rose wines for the season like white pants and flip flops. When it comes to great wines, no matter the color or style, they should be enjoyed year round. One wine I will definitely be enjoying thoroughly is this beautiful Verterra Rose of Pinot Noir from Northern Michigan. From the onset, a bouquet of fresh roses guides the senses to ripe strawberry, raspberry and Jolly Rancher watermelon fruit. Each sip offers clean refreshing Lake Michigan aromas with a long crisp finish. Dry and seductive, it is no wonder it was chosen as the Best Dry Rose at this year’s Michigan Wine Competition. With the boom of rose production worldwide in recent years, it’s a tough task weeding through the marketplace to find not only quality, but distinctive flavors that stay true to the grape. A tip of the cap to Verterra for producing not only this award winning gem, but also an unmatched line up of high quality wines from top to bottom. Seek and thou shall be greatly rewarded.